If you have several bikes to transport, the Green Valley hatchback bike rack is the solution for you.

Hatchback bike racks can be installed on your vehicle without the need for any additional equipment, such as roof bars or trailer hitches. They are therefore perfect for occasional use and do not require significant investment.

Depending on the model, this type of bike rack can accommodate up to three bikes. The racks are supplied assembled to facilitate installation. Also, they can be folded for easier storage.

Note that, in comparison with roof-mounted bike racks, it is easier to load bikes onto these bike racks and to subsequently unload them. Also, the overall height is reduced, eliminating the constraints of driving with additional height on the roof. For example, with a hatchback bike rack, you can access restricted-height or underground car parks without difficulty.

Note that if the vehicle’s lights and registration plate are obstructed, you must use an additional light bar and registration plate. These can be found in our accessories section.

Please use the search engine to check bike rack compatibility with your vehicle.

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