The Green Valley range of bike racks for mounting on roof bars enables you to transport your bikes on the roof of your vehicle.

This is the ideal way to transport bikes, particularly if your vehicle is already fitted with roof bars.

Transporting bikes on the roof offers various advantages, including the fact that this leaves unobstructed access to the boot.

However, if you are not used to driving with a bike rack on the roof, you will have to be particularly careful in areas with low headroom, such as tunnels and car parks. Carrying bikes on your roof significantly increases the total height of your vehicle, so you must bear this in mind throughout your journey.

It is possible to transport several bikes on your roof bars, but you will need to install one bike rack per bike in this case. Care should be taken to ensure that you do not exceed the maximum authorised load for the roof bars. If you have more than three bikes to transport, or your bikes are heavy (e.g. electric bikes), you also have the option of using other products in our range, such as a hitch-mounted bike rack.

Roof-mounted bike racks are very simple to install on your roof bars, and are easily stored when not in use as they take up little space.

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