Become a renter!

In partnership with Green Valley, become a renter of mobility equipment for drivers!

This brand new offer allows you to provide a new service to your customers and thus expand your field of activity with a turnkey package.

By becoming a renter of roof racks, roof boxes, or bike racks, you bring an innovative solution to your driver customers, a new, different and exclusive rental offer!

And there is nothing easier! Green Valley offers a package built to fit your needs, where all you have to do is meet the mobility needs of your customers. The rental offer is very easy to set up.

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Rent: many advantages

Why rent a roof box for a week? Or rent a bike rack for a weekend?

The answer is in the question: drivers need this equipment to easily bring everything they need on the road to their vacation. But unfortunately: it’s not always the holidays … So instead of investing in the purchase of this equipment, with Green Valley, it is now possible to rent it just for the time needed!

Professionals: enrich your business

Are you an automotive professional? Discover the many advantages of becoming a mobility renter!

  • Turnkey offer:
    • Rental software (license + subscription).
    • Stock products (invest or exploit your existing stock).
    • POS and communication pack
  • Energizing offer:
    • Attract new drivers & retain existing customers with this new service.
    • Expand your business
    • Also offer your customers equipment installation services.

To find out more and discover how you can become a mobility provider, contact us!

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