Our philosophy: your mobility

Green Valley expands the horizons of your mobility and designs high-performance solutions to help you transport your equipment.
So as to offer a comprehensive and appropriate product range, the Green Valley brand focuses on three core competences: the design, manufacture and distribution of easy-to-use products, predominantly designed, manufactured and tested in Italy.

Not enough room for your luggage, bikes and skis? Do you need to transport bulky items for your day-to-day business activities, or just from time to time? At Green Valley, we work every day to develop products that are function, accessible, safe and easy to use, in order to facilitate your travel requirements and enabling you to pursue your passions to the full!

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Design and innovation

Green Valley is always on the look-out for the latest trends in terms of cargo carrier solutions and mobility. This is inherent to the brand’s founding concept: Green Valley products are intended to facilitate users’ travel requirements, but that is not all! The aim is to ensure that travel is an easy and enjoyable experience. And this objective can be achieved only through constantly seeking innovations that will make drivers’ lives easier, every day. This is why Green Valley invests every year in the development of new products, based on effective and ingenious concepts, so as to maintain its position among the big names in cargo carrier solutions for cars.

Green Valley’s research and development activities are largely based in Italy. When a new system is created, it is patented in order to ensure authenticity for customers and also to guarantee their safety. For instance, the Easy Snow Rider, for which Green Valley holds an exclusive patent, is the only ski rack on the market to combine the following three functions: two-click installation and removal, a Smart Slide runner system to facilitate loading, and automatic closure once the ski rack has been loaded.

Manufacturing & quality

As from the design and prototyping phases, ease of use, product reliability and user safety are taken into account at all times, with particular attention paid to usage risks. The Green Valley research and development department possesses equipment dedicated to testing cargo carrier accessories.

These tests serve to validate the reliability of products and ensure user safety, very often going far beyond the required standards. Products are subsequently validated by recognised certification bodies, such as TÜV, City Crash Test and UTAC.

Choose Green Valley, for total peace of mind!

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